The Book of Revelation                    Dr. Ralph F. Wilson        

Week 5 Outline

The 144,000 (chapters 6-10)


  • The Seven Seals (6:1-17)
  • The 144,000 (7:1-8)
  • The Great Multitude in White Robes (7:9-17)
  • The Seventh Seal and the Golden Censer (8:1-5)
  • The Seven Trumpets (8:6-9:21)
  • The Angel and the Little Scroll (10:1-11)

Q1. (Revelation 6) Who initiates this great storm of destruction represented by the Seven Seals? Against whom is it directed? Is it just?

Q2. (Revelation 6:9‐11) What do we learn about the Church from what is revealed in the Fifth Seal? Where are these “souls” at the time of this scene? What does their proximity to the altar signify? Why were they killed? Why do they ask for vengeance? Is that a Christian prayer? What does the white robe represent? What do we learn from their instruction to “wait a little longer”?

Q3. (Revelation 7:1‐4) There’s disagreement about exactly who the 144,000 represent. Let’s not debate that, but look deeper. From 7:1‐4 what do we learn about God? Read Ezekiel 9, then answer: What is this seal supposed to do for the 144,000? (Please wait to consider 14:1‐5 until we get there, okay?)

Q4. (Revelation 7:9‐18). From this passage what do we learn about the kind of people who make up the “great multitude” before the throne? Let’s not debate whether they are the 144,000 or not. But what is their origin? What does their spirit within them cause them to do? What does the first verse of the song “Amazing Grace” have to do with 7:14?

Q5. (Revelation 10:1‐9) What is bitter about what you’ve read in Revelation 6 through 10? What is sweet? Why do we tend to reject what is hard for us to understand?

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