Listening for God's Voice Author: Ralph F. Wilson


Introduction to Listening for God’s Voice  

1. God’s Interest in Our Affairs  

2. My Worthiness  

3. Authority and Sufficiency of Scripture  

4. Need for Obedience  

5. Going Off the Deep End


Practical Assignments  

Week 1 Assignment. Get Ready. Find A Mentor, a Spiritual Partner, and a Notebook  

So find a mentor if you can – and for sure find a spiritual partner, a peer who is willing to walk this portion of the journey with you. Get this person to sign up for this study with you. Then get together often, in person or on the phone, to share how you see God work-ing.

Beyond a mentor and a spiritual partner, you’ll need a notebook or journal in which to write down what God is showing you. It’s best if your notebook has decent binding so the pages don’t start falling out. I found a journal a similar size to my Bible. What I settled on was a brand called Markings, a 5” x 8” journal by C.R. Gibson (, widely available in the United States. But really, any notebook will do. Make it a point to get one for this study.

It’s absolutely essential for you to begin or renew a daily Quiet Time, 5 to 10 minutes (or more) that you spend with God in prayer, reading Scripture, and listening. I’ll talk more about that in Lesson 1, but start today!

Here’s the checklist to complete so you’ll be ready to begin the study. Check it off when you’ve completed each item.

□ Find a mentor.
□ Recruit a spiritual partner to study and share with.
□ Get a notebook.
□ Begin or Renew a daily Quiet Time.New text box

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