One Hour of Power

Names and Titles of God

by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson


Introduction to the Names and Titles of God


  • Why Study the Names and Titles of God?
  • What Is a Title of God?  
  • The Documentary Hypothesis


Lesson 1 - Most High God (‘El ‘Elyon)

Lesson 2 - God of Might (‘El Shaddai)

Lesson 3 - Yahweh, I AM, the Eternal God (‘El ‘Olam)

Lesson 4 - God Our Creator

Lesson 5 - The Holy and Righteous One

Lesson 6 - God Our Lord and King

Lesson 7 - God our Fortress and Protector

Lesson 8 - The Lord Our Provider and Shepherd

Lesson 9 - Abba, Father

Lesson 10 - The God of All Grace

Lesson 11 - God Our Savior and Redeemer



1. The Exalted God

God (‘El, ‘Elohim)

Most High God (‘El ‘Elyon)

Most High


God of Gods, Lord of lords

King of kings

High and Lofty One

My Glory

Pride of Jacob

King of Glory

Father of Glory

Glory of Israel/Strength of Israel

Light of Israel

2. The God of Might

Almighty God (‘El Shaddai)

The Almighty (Shaddai)

The LORD of Hosts (Yahweh‐Sabaoth)

Commander of the Army of the LORD

Man of War (Warrior)

Mighty Warrior (Dread Champion)

Mighty One of Jacob

Great and Awesome God

My Strength

The LORD Our Banner (Yahweh‐nissi)

3. The Eternal God


Yahweh (older pronunciation Jehovah)



Everlasting God, Eternal God (‘El ‘Olam)

Everlasting Father

Rock Eternal

One Who Inhabits Eternity

Ancient of Days

The First and the Last

The Alpha and the Omega

Who Is and Who Was and Who Is to Come

One Who Lives Forever

Living God

4. God our Creator



Builder of All things

Builder of Jerusalem Creator

Creator of heaven and earth

Creator of the ends of the earth

Israel’s Creator

Faithful Creator

Father of Lights

Former of All Things

God of All the Earth

God of heaven

God of heaven and earth

King of heaven

Lord of heaven and earth


Maker of heaven and earth

My Maker


5. The Holy and Righteous One


Consuming Fire

Fear of Isaac or Awesome One of Isaac

Father of the Fatherless/Orphans

Glory/Strength of Israel

Helper of the Fatherless


Holy Father

Holy LORD God/Holy God

Holy One

Holy One of Israel

Home of Justice, True Pasture


Judge of All

Judge of All the Earth

Judge of the Earth

Just and Mighty One


Light of Israel

Protector/Defender of Widows

Righteous Father

Righteous Judge

Righteous One

The LORD our Righteousness (Yahweh‐Tsidkenu)

The LORD Who Sanctifies You (Yahweh‐M’Kaddesh)

Upright One


6. God Our Lord and King

Eternal King

Great King

God of gods

Jacob‘s King

King (melek)

King and God

King Eternal, Immortal, Invisible

King of All the Earth

King of Glory

King of Heaven

King of Israel

King of Kings

King of the Nations, King of Saints,

King of the Ages

King Over Jeshurun

King Over the Whole Earth

King, the LORD of hosts

Lord (adonai, kyrios)

Lord GOD, Sovereign LORD

Lord of All the Earth

Lord of Heaven

Lord of Heaven and Earth

Lord of Kings

Lord of Lords

Lord, the LORD of Hosts

Majesty in the Heavens

Majesty on High

My God and King

My God the King

My King and My God

My King from of Old

Prince (Śar)

Ruler of All Things

Ruler, Sovereign, Potentate


Sovereign Lord

Sovereign Lord (despotēs)

The LORD, the King

7. God Our Fortress and Protector


Dwelling Place


Glorious Sword


Hiding Place

High Tower

Horn of My Salvation


Lifter Up of My Head

My Glory

My Song

My Strength



Rock Eternal

Rock of Israel

Rock of Refuge




Strength of His People

Strong Fortress

Strong Refuge

Strong Tower


Stronghold of My Life

Very Great Reward

8. The Lord Our Provider and Shepherd


Everlasting Light

God of Bethel

God of Seeing (El‐roi)






Hope of Israel

Hope of their Fathers



Portion of Jacob

Portion of my Inheritance


Shepherd of Israel


Spring of Living Water, Fountain of Living Water


Sustainer of my Soul, Upholder of My Life

The LORD is There (Yahweh‐Shammah)

True Pasture

Yahweh Provides ‐yir’eh, Jehovah‐jireh)


9. Abba, Father



El‐Elohe Israel

Everlasting Father


Father in Heaven

Father of Compassion

Father of Glory

Father of Lights

Father of Spirits

Glorious Father

God and Father

God and Father of All

God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ

God of Abraham

God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

God of Israel

God of Our Fathers

God of Your Fathers

God our Father

God the Father

Godhead/Deity/Divine Being/Divinity

Heavenly Father

Holy Father



Jealous and Avenging God

Jealous God

Lord and Father

10. The God of All Grace

Compassionate and Gracious God

Faithful God, God of Truth

Father of Compassion

Forgiving God

God of All Comfort

God of All Grace

God of Hope

God of Love and Peace

God of Steadfastness and Encouragement

Gracious God and Merciful,

Gracious and Compassionate God

Loving God

True God

11. God Our Savior and Redeemer


God of Peace

God our/my Savior,

God of our/my salvation

Great God and Savior

Horn of My Salvation

Lord my Savior

Prince of Peace

Redeemer, Kinsman‐Redeemer

Rock His Savior

Rock of My Salvation


Savior of All Men

Savior of Israel

Strong Deliverer

The LORD Is Peace (Jehovah‐Shalom, Yahweh‐Shalom


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