One Hour of Power               Text Book: The Sermon on the Mount: The Jesus Manifesto                          By Dr. Ralph F. Wilson


The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) is Jesus’ most definitive statement of the principles of Kingdom living.

In this study we’ll seek to understand Jesus’ radical teaching within its context of first century Judaism – then translate the principles into our own lives today. If we can understand what Jesus meant and absorb that into our spirit, we can grow to become the kind of disciples that make Him proud.

The Sermon on the Mount provides an ethical and philosophical framework that can help us order our lives as Christ followers. But organized religion has domesticated Jesus and watered down his message, providing a low-dose familiarity that can make us immune to Jesus’ full-strength teaching. Here we allow Jesus’ uncompromising message to both shame us and enflame us to become part of a Christ-committed counter-culture to challenge the present world order.

In outlining the Sermon on the Mount, the author says that it falls easily into several themes:
1. The character of Kingdom citizens (5:1‐16)
2. The true spirit and intent of the law (5:17‐48)
3. The nature of true piety (6:1‐18)
4. The dangers of materialism (6:19‐34)
5. True discernment (7:1‐29)

Week One - Introduction


Week Two - Paradoxical People: the Beatitudes (5:1-13)

 What Is the Kingdom of Heaven that Jesus Proclaims? 


Week Three -  Witnessing People: Living as Salt and Light in the World (5:13-16)

 The Religiion of the Pharisees 


Week Four - The Spirit of the Law and Reconciliation  (5:17-26)

 Did Jesus Believe in Hell? 


Week Five - Adultery, Lust, and the Spirit of Marriage (5:27-30)


Week Six - Divorce and the Spirit of Marriage (5:27-32 with 19:1-12)

 Loving Your Enemies Case Study: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. 


Week  Seven - The Spirit of Truthfulness and Love (5:33-48)


Week Eight - Giving, Prayer, and Fasting (6:1-8, 16-18)

 Verses on How God Looks at the Poor 


Week Nine -  The Lord's Prayer (6:9-15)


Week Ten - Temptation to Idolatry (6:19-24)


Week Eleven - Temptation to Worry (6:25-34)


Week Twelve - Judging Self and Others (7:1-6)


Week Thirteen - Asking in Faith (7:7-12)


Week Fourteen - Discerning the True Way (7:13-29)


Introduction to the Sermon on the Mount

What Is Righteousness?

An Unattainable Ideal?

Radical Alternative to Modern Values

Christian Counter-Culture

Pipe-Dream or Possibility?

Form and Structure of the Sermon on the Mount

The Synoptic Problem

Differences in Words and Setting

The Jesus Seminar

But Are These Jesus' Actual Words?

Is the Sermon on the Mount a Single Unit?


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