One Hour of Power


Discipleship Lessons

by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

Director, Joyful Heart Renewal Ministries


Philippians is Paul's Epistle of Joy and Passion

For an epistle of only 104 verses, four brief chapters, Paul's Letter to the Philippians is amazingly profound. At one level, it is a poignant epistle from a jailed apostle to a beloved supporting church. At another, it contains an exhilarating hymn of Christ's humility and exaltation, and offers a glimpse into Paul's intense passion to know Christ.

From the standpoint of material to develop discipleship, Philippians is rich. Paul:

  • Models how to bear suffering without self-pity,
  • Describes the immediacy of Christ's presence at death,
  • Offers one of the most important Christological passages in the Bible,
  • Urges us to live holy lives to shine like stars in a dark world,
  • Presses us towards the goal of fulfilling God's call in our lives,
  • Teaches us how to rejoice, how to pray, how to find peace, and
  • Explains why we can trust God to meet our every need with abundance.

Philippians is inspiring, warming, challenging, encouraging. It's an upbeat letter, full of joy and rejoicing. But the lessons of faith and discipleship it teaches are not just "feel-goods." They are deep, enduring perspectives on how to face problems, stress, and struggle -- and grow through them, rather than wilting under the pressure. Philippians is powerful stuff!

This volume explores Philippians in nine lessons. Thought-provoking discussion questions make it a useful tool for personal enrichment, small groups, and classes. Extensive footnotes assist teachers and preachers with background research for sermon preparation.


  1. Introduction to Philippians
  2. Approve What Is Excellent (1:1-11)
  3. Struggles that Advance the Gospel (1:12-30)
  4. He Emptied Himself (2:1-11)
  5. God Is at Work in You (2:12-18)
  6. Christian Character: Timothy and Epaphroditus (2:19-30)
  7. That I May Know Him (3:1-11)
  8. Pressing Toward the Goal (3:12-4:1)
  9. Rejoice in the Lord Always (4:1-9)
  10. A Partnership in Giving and Receiving (4:10-23)
  11. The Nicene Creed

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