Week 7


The Spirit of Truthfulness and Love (5:33-48)

Oath Taking in the Old Testament

Occasions for Oaths

Pharisees' Perversion of Oaths

Don't Swear at All (5:34)

Let Your "Yes" Mean "Yes" (5:37a)

More Than This Comes from the Evil One (5:37b)

Practical Application

Refuse to Take an Oath?

The Spirit of Love verse Retaliation (5:38-48)

An Eye for an Eye (5:38)

1. Restraint

2. Judicial Administration

Pharisees' Interpretation

Personal Non-Retaliation (5:39-42)

Cameos (5:39-42)

Overcoming Evil with Good

Christian Pacifism

Be Perfect (5:48)

Excursus 5: Loving Your Enemies Case Study: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Alpha and Omega MBC was founded in Chicago as a church committed to promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Alpha and Omega is a community minded and family friendly church where a stranger can find a friend and families can worship together.


As a community minded church we endeavor to bring community minded activities and resources to our members as well as the surrounding community.


Our goal is to expand our community projects to include and after school program as well as an adult continuing education center among our services that would be of value to our members and surrounding community.



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