Week 10




Looking Forward to the Messiah (Psalms 2, 110, 22) 

Messianic Psalms and the Nature of Prophecy 


Psalm 2 – You Are My Son, Today I Have Begotten You  

The Nations Conspire Against Yahweh and His Messiah (2:1‐6) 

You Are My Son (2:7‐8)  

Today I Have Begotten You (2:7)  

Kiss the Son (2:10‐12) 


Psalm 110 – The Messiah as Priest and King 

The Messiah Is Greater than David (110:1) 

A Universal Messianic Rule (110:2‐3)  

The Eternal Priest from Melchizedek’s Order (110:4) 

Messiah Will Subdue and Judge the Nations (110:5‐7)  


Psalm 22 – My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?  

Why Have You Forsaken Me? (22:1‐2)  

God Is Enthroned on Our Praises (22:3)  

Comparisons to the Crucifixion (22:6‐18) 

The Conclusion of Praise (22:19‐31) 

Alpha & Omega MBC was founded in Chicago as a church committed to promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Alpha nd Omega is a community minded and family friendly church where a stranger can find a friend and families can worship together.


As a community minded church we endeavor to bring community minded activities and resources to our members as well as the surrounding community.


Our goal is to expand our community projects to include and after school program as well as an adult continuing education center among our services that would be of value to our members and surrounding community.



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