Week 3


Choosing the Right Path (Psalms 1, 15, and 133)  


Psalm 1 – The Two Ways, Righteous and Unrighteous‐ness  

Blessed is ... (1:1a) 

Separating from Sin, Delighting in God (1:1‐2) 

The Lord’s Watch‐Care over the Believer (1:6) 

Poetic Structure 

A Fruit‐Bearing Tree Planted by the Water (1:3)  

Chaff that the Wind Blows Away (1:4) 


Psalm 15 – Characteristics of a Righteous Person  

Dwelling with God (15:1)  

Poetic Structure 

Moral Integrity (15:2) 

Fairness to Neighbors (15:3)  

Clear Allegiance (15:4a) 

Keeping One’s Word (15:4b) 

Living without Greed (15:5) 


Psalm 133 – The Beauty of Unity 

Brothers Living Together in Unity (133:1) 

Good and Pleasant (133:1) 

Unity Is Like Perfumed Oil Generously Poured Out (133:2) 

Unity Is Like Heavy Dew (133:3)


Alpha & Omega MBC was founded in Chicago as a church committed to promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Alpha nd Omega is a community minded and family friendly church where a stranger can find a friend and families can worship together.


As a community minded church we endeavor to bring community minded activities and resources to our members as well as the surrounding community.


Our goal is to expand our community projects to include and after school program as well as an adult continuing education center among our services that would be of value to our members and surrounding community.



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