Mark your Calendar for 2024


(Dates are subject to change if the need arise)

Theme: The Year of Answered Prayers

Psalm 6:9 The LORD hath heard my supplication; the LORD will receive my prayer.





YouTube: Alpha and Omega Chicago


Conference Line: 978-990-5000 Access # 472584 (*New as of 2/4/2023*)


2024 Tentative Calendar Date


  January Dedication/Weekly Fasting and Prayer (Daniel Fast 21 Days: Jan 7th – 27th)

*January 20th - Leadership Meeting

January 21st - Installation of Officers

January 26th - Quarterly Prayer

February - Black History Celebration (Elder Amy Harris)

February 10th - Couples Pre-Valentine’s Day Event

          *March 16th - Leadership Meeting

March 24th - Palm Sunday

          March 29th - Good Friday

          March 31st - Easter Day Service

          April 26th - Quarterly Prayer

*May 18th - Leadership Meeting

May - September - Take It to the Streets (Elder Amy Harris)

          May 12th - Mother’s Day (Mother Margaret Curley)

          May 26th - Church 69th Year Anniversary/Family & Friends Day (Latoya Bell)

         June 16th - Father’s Day (TBD)

       *July 20th - Leadership Meeting

        June 23rd – Honor 2024 Graduates and Youth Day (Latoya Bell and Marcia Washington)

July 14th - Community Outreach (Lady Elaine Harris)

July 14th - Back to School Supplies (Jacqueline Mance/Latoya Bell)

        July 28th - Cookout Church (Lady Elaine Harris) 

        August 30th - Quarterly Prayer

      *September 21st - Leadership Meeting

       September 29th - Men’s Day (Minister Floyd Turnbull)

       October 27th - Women’s Day (Lady Elaine Harris)

      *November 16th - Leadership Meeting

       December 6th - Quarterly Prayer

       December 13th - Couples Gathering

       December (TBD) - Christmas Give Away (Lady Elaine Harris)

       December 22nd - Pre-Christmas Sunday

       December 29th - Pre-New Years Sunday


*Couple’s Gathering June 29th or August 10th Deacon Aaron and Elder Lisia Morrison

* VBS TBD  (Minister Marcia Washington)



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